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About Us

Greetings and blessings from Kids Mission Pakistan

Dear, I am Lamuel Sadiq right from our childhood our great (Late father Ps. Sadiq Sarfraz) taught us to spend life in Jesus and gave us lessons to have full sympathy for the poor, needy, depressed, and orphans. So for this purpose, we have been running a Kids Mission Pakistan ministry for orphans & deserving children for the last 11 years to help our self-base. Thanks to God that He gave us the courage to work for our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Dear our great (Late father Ps. Sadiq Sarfraz) did great work and hard struggle for this purpose even in adverse conditions and circumstances and our mother was also shoulder to shoulder with him. He had a great vision to win the souls and help the poor. But 11 years ago our great-father passed away and went to Jesus Christ and just five months after our father our mother also passed away. They have left their burden for us and now we are completing their vision. I and my beloved life partner are running the Kids Mission Pakistan ministry now in Pakistan.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
With love and blessings!

You’re in Christ, 
Lamuel & Saba.

Kids Mission Pakistan

Special Thanks AFM Church

I'm thank full to God and Pastor Emmanuel and AFM Church family that trained up in kids ministry during AFM Sunday school ministry and serve for AFM Church. Today I'm serving for the Lord through Sr. Pastor Emmanuel and AFM Church family prayers. i always will be serve for AFM Church family .

With thanks

Lamuel Sadiq
Kids Mission Pakistan